About Me

My name is Sil Tian.
I’m a current M.S. in Computer Science (Game Development) student at USC.
I’m the Lead Designer and Gameplay Programmer of AGP OrthoIso.

I worked at X.D. Network Inc. as a gameplay engineer for 横扫千军.

I graduated as B.S. in Software Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

I love ARPG, MMO, AR and Open World games.
I also enjoy TCG, Puzzler, Visual Novel and Anime.


OrthoIso (2018.01-Now)

Puzzle Platformer based on optical illusion.
Inspired by Monument Valley, FEZ, Gorogoa and many other puzzle games.
Role: Lead Designer, Gameplay Engineer
Website: orthoiso.com.

Catastropieces (2017.09-2018.05)

2.5D Rube Goldenberg machine Puzzle Game built in Unity3D.
Role: Gameplay Engineer
Release on itch.io.

Prime Engine Game (2017.09-2018.05)

FPS using Customized Game Engine in C++.
I worked on 3D math of matrix transformation and shaders to implement
Character Animation, AABB Collision, 3D Sound, Particle and UI.
Role: Generalist Engineer
Demos for two semesters: Fall and Spring

NPRShader (2017.10-12)

Anime looking NPR shader applied on 3D models.

横扫千军 (2016.07-2017.06)

Multiplayer online simulation mobile game.
1,000,000+ Monthly Active Users

SoulSummoner (2016.03-06)

As a Soul Summoner, take an adventure in the amazing world of elements, accumulate power from your surroundings, and summon servants to fight approaching enemies.
Built with Unity3D and 3ds Max.

ChemIt (2016.03-06)

Do chemical experiments on your home computer, with your hands free from mouse and keyboard.
Learn chemistry in the game, with fun and without danger.
Built with Unity3D and Leap Motion.

Quiddiards (2015.09-12)

The combination of Billiards and Quidditch.
Built with OpenGL and Qt.

ZhiLiao (2015.06-09)

Messenger App on Android platform.
Written in Java.

LinkGame (2014.07-08)

Link the blocks to eliminate them in limited time and gain scores.
Built with Qt.